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FCA Elementary School

FCA Elementary School: Welcome

FCA Elementary

The Wonder Years

The Elementary program includes a balanced curriculum featuring small group instruction and learning with an emphasis on a strong phonics foundation, systematic reading focused on comprehension, hands-on math experiences, creative writing, and a discovery approach to science. Students are encouraged to think critically and to use problem-solving skills as they become life-long learners. Enrichment opportunities include art, music, STEM, physical education, library, computer, and academic field trips.

FCA Elementary School: Academics

The Wonder Years

Tomorrow Starts Now

Imagination. Creativity. Excitement. Joy.  These are the things that warm your heart and make you smile when you watch your child live, learn, and play.  When you look for the right school for your child, you're looking for a place that's much more than just a place where they gain knowledge.  You're looking for a place where your child can be challenged, cared for, loved on, encouraged, and given every opportunity to grow in every way...
You're looking for First Christian Academy's Elementary School!

FCA Elementary School: Our Mission
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